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Restoration Services

We Provide Multiple Restoration Services

You may need a restoration service company to help you keep your home or business in good shape. There are many things that can go wrong on any given day, so you will also need a company that will be there when you call them. We are that company at CJS Restoration. We are available and can assist you whenever you call on us.

We like to handle our jobs quickly, so we don’t want you to have to wait around for us. Contact us for Restoration Services and we can offer you the support you need. Call us at 678-697-7742 to get a free estimate or hear more about a specific service we offer.

Coronavirus Cleaning Services

When you need your building to be as clean and sterile as possible, you need to have this handled quickly. You want to limit exposure to viruses and germs and keep everyone as safe as possible. We are able to provide the best cleaning services in the area to sterilize everything and keep everyone safe. We know that this aspect of business is quite important and is on the forefront of everyone’s mind as well. We can be of assistance, so you can meet the mark and keep everyone protected.  

Help with Flooring

Another of our Restoration Services is flooring installation. We can put in numerous types of flooring, in the case that you incur damage to your floor and need to have it replaced. It does not matter if you need a whole room or just a small section replaced either. This goes for wooden floors, carpet, and other types as well. We can have your floor looking as good as new swiftly.

Sheetrock Repairs

We are also able to repair sheetrock. If you have mold or holes in your sheetrock, we are able to alleviate the burden. We want you to have walls that will protect your house, and not cause additional damage, so we do everything we can to save your walls. They are an integral part of your structure and need to be protected. You should not just trust anyone to help you with this type of repair. You need a company that you can trust. We will also help you board up the rest of your house, to keep from getting additional damage and to seal up areas that have experienced damage. This may come in handy after a fire, storm, or a water leak.

Contact Us Right Away


At CJS Restoration, we really want to shield you and your home, and this is why we work hard to offer relevant services that will keep you covered. We want to be the company for Restoration Services that you count on when you need something handled in the most professional way. We know that you need your home to be a safe place for your family, and so certain things need to be handled when they arise. Let us help you with your problems and address them as soon as possible. Contact 678-697-7742 when you need our help. 

                  Flooring Installation 

We are able to install many types of flooring in your home.

          Covid-19 Disinfecting Service

Sterilizing your business and office is probably your first

                           priority, and we can help!

                Sheetrock Repair

Don't let holes in your sheetrock bother you, just call us for support.

                  Home Board-up Service

Let us help you board up your home, so the proper repairs can be completed. 


What Our Clients Are Saying

5 stars.PNG

"They got here promptly and they saved my hard wood floors!"

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